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Missing time

The third installment in my pre-Halloween series: Robert M. Coates, parallel reality, and the ghost story without ghosts.

Kevin Courrier (1954-2018)

Kevin Courrier, editor, colleague, and friend, died on October 12, after a three-year fight with cancer. It was a good fight, and as packed full as he could make it of his mainstays—music, writing, friends, experience. Kevin was for many years a producer of music documentaries for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; he later hosted an arts show on Toronto radio; conducted a perennially popular film seminar at Ryerson University; and wrote numerous books on music—among them the 33.3 on Trout Mask Replica, a study of Frank Zappa, and a critical biography of Randy Newman which no less than Greil Marcus in Mystery Train called “the” book on its subject. We began corresponding a number of ye

It called itself "Gef"

The second of my pre-Halloween ghostlies at Critics at Large. This is about a talking mongoose, or a spirit weasel. It sounds funny. It isn’t funny.

The haunted inn

For Halloween month, I'm writing a weekly series focusing on a few of my favorite supernatural works. First up: the iterations and offshoots of Kingsley Amis's 1969 ghost novel, The Green Man.


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