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Glen Campbell, 1936-2017

On the occasion of Glen Campbell's passing, a tribute. And to complete a kind of circle: here is something I wrote about him three years ago, on the occasion of his birthday.

Alienation, paranoia, entrapment (& other delights)

My contribution to KLUTE YOUR ENTHUSIASM, a new and already fascinating series on the neo-noir films of the Sixties (1964-73), appears at HiLobrow today. KLUTE will run daily throughout August. The line-up in full: Josh Glenn, “Introduction.“ Kio Stark on The Killers. Alix Lambert on Bande á Part. Judith Zissman on Alphaville. Mark Kingwell on Harper. Lynn Peril on Blow-Up. Drew Daniel on Branded to Kill. Luc Sante on Point Blank. Gordon Dahlquist on Le Samouraï. Alice Boone on Le Cercle Rouge. Brian Berger on Cotton Comes to Harlem. Adrienne Crewe on Performance. David Levine on The French Connection. Dan Fox on Get Carter. Melissa Gira Grant on Klute. Brandi Brown on Shaft. Kaleb Horton on


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