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Thinking three things about Robinson Crusoe today: 1. I had a children's version of this from Scholastic Book Club, a severe condensation illustrated by classic engravings (I don't remember by whom, but the image of Crusoe finding the footprint on the beach is clear as a bell in my mind). It was very important in inspiring me to imagine worlds and adventures beyond a little room in a little house in a little town in the proverbial middle of nowhere. Not actually to go to such places, but to imagine them, which is what I still prefer to do. 2. When I was in my twenties and getting into the films of Luis Buñuel, I sought out his 1954 adaptation, starring Dan O'Herlihy. It was, like the book,


Yesterday I realized a minor ambition of a few years' standing and read Harriet the Spy. I discovered I love this book and I love this girl. I had Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak, I had Encyclopedia Brown and Peanuts, but feel I missed out on something, not meeting Harriet as a child.


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