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DEVIN McKINNEY is the author of

Magic Circles: The Beatles in Dream and

History (2003), The Man Who Saw a Ghost:

The Life and Work of Henry Fonda (2012), and Jesusmania! The Bootleg Superstar of

Gettysburg College (2016).

He's also written many reviews, articles,

essays, fragments and whimsies. Those that

are available online can be accessed at

the Archives page.


The book is done.

We'll see what happens.

Watch this space.

What it's about?

The clues remain before you.

Meanwhile, old and more

recent work is right here,

where it's always been.

Any other literary hairballs

I can cough up between

now and then, you'll

be the first to know!

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Dropped Out of Existence - Copy.jpg
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TVL - Anton Stankowski, Eisblumen (1930)
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Shouts & Murmurs - head - Copy.jpg
1997 - Breakdown - Copy - Copy.jpg

What I take to be the central theme in the American literature of the fantastic, the loss of the individual will, hence of the self, and the terror aroused by the prospect of this loss ...

— Peter Straub, “Introduction,”

American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s to Now

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